Fanola Line Review and Tutorial- How to rock that blonde bombshell look

Ever since I was little I have ALWAYS envied those that could pull off that white blonde hair. In junior high I would load my hair with lemon juice and bake in the sun for hours hoping that it would turn platinum blonde over night…. ohhh the the humour in our childhood imaginations…. Next I tried that horrid bottle of Sun In. (Hey we all did and do not deny it). It would make ugly orange and yellow splotches in my hair and leave me wondering why my hair wouldn’t turn that perfect blonde. Fast forward to high school when I gave my friend permission to bleach and foil my hair. After an emergency trip to the hair salon to somehow fix my white, patchy, over processed, breaking hair I think I finally learnt my lesson.

I decided to find a professional hair stylist and it has been bliss ever since. Recently I decided to go platinum blonde (which can put your hair to the test and also be a lot of maintenance). But I stumbled across a product line that had completely changed the hair game when it comes to the maintenance of keeping my hair the perfect ashy colour between salon visits. Not only does it keep the colour looking fresh and amazing with their Fanola No Yellow Line, but their Nutri Care line helps to restore the over processed hair that bleaching causes.

I have put together a video for y’all to explain how these two lines from Fanola work and when/how to use them.

Fanola no yellow and nutricare line tutorial (part 1)

Fanola no yellow and nutricare line (part 2)

This photo below was taken before I used the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo line. As you can see it is more of a yellow/blondish tone as opposed to the Icy/ashy blonde that I love.



These two photos below were taken after only one wash with the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo and No Yellow Conditioner Hair Mask. Look at the transformation in the colour! Way more ash/ white/ silver tone and bye bye yellow brass. I tried over a dozen of purple shampoos and this one is by far the most effective and gives stunning results!

Now their Nutri care line can be used by anyone with any hair colour but I HIGHLY recommend it to those with over-processed bleached out hair. It will completely change the integrity of it making it silkier, shinier, less breakable and a heck of a lot more healthy. Going blonde is one thing but keeping it looking and feeling healthy is another. You do not want platinum blonde hair if it doesn’t look healthy… it kind of defeats the purpose.

If you are wondering where you can get your hands on these bad boys here is the link: FANOLA PRODUCTS

When you are checking out use code: crystaloleschuk for 10% off of your purchase 🙂

Thank you for watching!

Crystal Oleschuk

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