31 And Thankful

It’s crazy to think that another year has gone by and the numerical digits to my age change once again!!!!! At this point in my life more than ever I realize that those digits in your age don’t matter at all! At age 31 I’ve experienced so many wonderful and terrifying moments. All that have shaped who I am and how I view life from now on…..

The thing about age is that there always seems to be a certain time line to follow…..I’m starting to realize that it’s ok to venture outside of the “timeline”.If you feel like taking university in your 60’s then do it!!! Starting a new job in your 40’s, getting married in your 30’s, starting a new passion at any age!!!!! Just make sure that you are 100% HAPPY! Life doesn’t always go as planned…. And you know what that’s ok…. Redirect your route, google maps does so why can’t you? The universe always brings you things that you need… not necessarily what you want or the order that you want it in. Don’t get frustrated when it happens…. realize that life has so much to offer and you have the choice and ability to make life happen.

I’ve had lots of time to think in my 20’s…. And not the usual things that people would think about in their 20’s such as planning their wedding or working their way up in their career or where to buy a house… etc etc. A lot of it consisted of how do I make it to the next day feeling like this? Are they ever going to figure out what is wrong with me? Will I be able to ever work again? How do I make it up to the people that have been taking care of me and taking time out of their precious lives? I often pictured how I wanted my life to look if I got better….. The people that I wanted in it, the drama that I didn’t. How I wanted to occupy my time. The importance of family, self love, laughter, nature and just plain slowing down, smelling that fresh beautiful air and feeling alive.

Life goes by fast and I think that’s because we get stuck in such regular routines without breaking any boundaries! Do you really want to live the exact same day over and over or do you want to experience it all.. learn it all, meet as many people as you can, visit as many places as your bank account allows you, attain numerous hobbies; one that sparks your creativity, one to make you happy and one to keep you fit;)

I really don’t have too many regrets in my life because a lot of these challenges or mistakes have pointed me towards a better direction and a more satisfying life. I’ve always been one to try new things or challenge myself to do something new. This year was almost like a new chance at life…. I wasn’t confined to my bed because of feeling deathly ill…. yes I have needed a lot of naps during the day and feel like I have waisted so much precious time sleeping…… but for the first time in seven years at age 30 I was okay with where I was at… why? Because I knew that I was going to be okay, and that I am happy.

(Romper from Zaful)

My plans for 31? To not put set plans in place. To know that things always change and to roll with it! I’ve realized that I am more creative than ever! It’s probably because I’ve had the time to pursue some of these opportunities or projects that I maybe wouldn’t have if I didn’t get sick. I found that putting a lot of time into expressing my creative side is what feeds my life fire. Starting a blog has been the best thing ever and I highly suggest it if you have a creative side or want to explore it. Restoring furniture has become a hobby that literally came out of no where and I’m so happy to have started… and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon. Interior decorating whether it’s a bathroom, bedroom or a camper! Being a movie extra! Every time you get to be someone completely different then the last time and spending time with positive, great quality people makes it addicting….. ok the dessert table is always pretty awesome too. And my latest interest becoming an influencer on Instagram/ Facebook and through blogging… I have the opportunity to play with fashion and beauty products etc, while helping others purchase the right products and save them time and money. It allows you to explore photography, take proper creative pictures and essentially brand yourself! All those things I plan to continue doing but maybe taking them to the next step? Maybe take a wood working course to actually make furniture instead of just restoring it! Try auditioning for a part, even if it’s just for the experience and putting more time and creativity into my blogging/ influencer posts. If I’m able to work this year I would love a job that lets me express my creativity, one that I am excited to wake up for and kill it. I’m going to continue working on my fitness because it feels amazing to get those endorphins going and that’s what life is all about.

(Bathing suit from Zaful)

When I blow out the candles on May 7th 2018 instead of making a wish I am going to count my blessings, be grateful and hope for a whole lot of the same amazing experiences that I have had this past year. I hope this post makes you stop and think… Are you just going through the process of life? Or are you living it up to its full potential. Everyone deserves happiness but it’s gotta come from you ❤️ Make every year of your life a new chapter, not just change in numerical digits to your age.



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