How to give your old furniture a much need makeover

I’m sure we all have some old furniture kicking around from the 70,s or even earlier. You may be hesitant of sending it to the dump because it either belonged to a love one who has passed on, it holds some kind of sentimental value or you do not have the funds to purchase all new furniture.

These old furniture pieces are usually built to last and extremely durable. Lots of times they can be found with a little bit of wear and a few scratches, which is something that can be easily fixed. Time to get your creative juices flowing and bring this furniture into the year 2017!

First of all you will need to hit up your local hardware store or Canadian Tire (probably one of my favourite stores ever). You will need:

  • Sandpaper (if you have an electric sander it will make your life 100 times easier)
  • A sand block- to get into the crevices that a power sander cannot
  • Mini foam rollers (they create a flawless finish)
  • Paint brushes (get a small one to reach the places the roller cannot)
  • Primer this is my favourite primer it seems to stick to everything and causes the paint to adhere properly to the furniture!
  • Chalk paint- I used the Rustoleum chalk paint in linen white and aged grey. A little bit goes a long way so you should only need one of the little cans.
  • Top coat- make sure you ask which is a good top coat for protecting your chalk paint project. You want one that will not yellow over time. I stayed away from the Rustoleum one because of the price. If you can find a more affordable one that does the job then do it!
  • Rags

Now let’s get to work!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Take off any hardware and store it in a container. You can decide later if you want to paint the old hardware (which I did) or purchase some new handles etc. (I’ve seen some pretty cute dresser nobs at Winners in various colours and styles.

Step 2: Sand away. Usually you just need to rough it up a bit or get rid of the shine. You don’t need to be excessive.

Step 3: If you notice any deep gouges you can fill them with wood filler, let it dry and sand it down!

Step 4: Wipe down the furniture with a wet rag to get rid of the dust from sanding. Make sure you get the dust out of the corners, otherwise is will end up in your paint.

Step 5: Run a blow dryer over it so it’s dry enough to start priming! Use a brush for the hard to reach places and the foam rollers for the rest. I usually do two coats of the primer so you won’t need as much chalk paint. (Which can be quite pricey). Leave 40 minutes between primer coats, unless you are impatient like me I ran the blow dryer over it and could almost put on he second coat immediately.

Step 6: Paint away! It usually takes two coats of chalk paint for a nice finish. Use the brushes for the hard to reach places and foam rollers for the rest!! Watch out for runs!

Step 7: Top coat: After your paint is completely dry you can add your top coat. They say it’s not a must but I like the finish that it’s creates and it ads much more protection, it also makes it easier to wipe it down. I applied it exactly the same way as the paint. You only need a little bit on your brush or roller. Make sure you don’t leave any bubbles and watch out for runs!!!

Step 8: Either degrease your old hardware and spray paint them with a spray paint that can go on metal. If your nobs are wood I just used the primer, chalk paint and top coat. If you don’t like the look of your hardware even after painted, get creative and find some new nobs/ handles.

And that is it!!!!! Don’t let a project like this intimidate you. As long as you do the proper prep work it should turn out beautifully! Perfect way to update a room in your house, while not draining your bank account.








And last but not least you can add some cute decor to your finished pieces. Reforma decor . That’s it that’s all folks! If I can do it you can too!!!!!! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me or leave a comment:)



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