30 Ways to Practice Self Care

Life can become pretty overwhelming at times…. okay a lot of the time. In this day and age everything is go go go, but at what cost to our health?

When I became sick with my chronic illness in my early twenties, I had absolutely no choice but to slow down. Things that I could do before with ease soon became a challenge. I had to learn to pace myself and listen to my body.

Even when you are sick your body starts to send you signals of “burnout”. Yes Adrenal Burnout is a real thing and it puts your health on the line… What is adrenal burnout? Your adrenals are the two tiny organs that sit right about your kidneys. They are where your stress hormones are produced. They create the hormones that are responsible for your fight and flight response. When you are in danger or just very stressed out they produce the hormones to help you cope with stress. The problem is too much stress from our busy lifestyles, diet, sleeping habits and not enough healthy exercise can drain your adrenal reserves and leave you with a whole host of yucky symptoms that we call burnout.

There is some good news!!!!! We can prevent this problem that we call burnout by practising self care. Nothing is more important than your health, without your health you literally have nothing and everything that you have been working so hard for becomes meaningless. So please take note:

  1. Listen to meditation channels on YouTube- there is proven scientific data that meditation can literally transform your brain into a tranquil, powerful powerhouse. Yes it may take awhile to get used to it but don’t give up! Start at 5 minutes and go up from there.

2. Run yourself an Epsom salt bath with lavender essential oils- many relaxation benefits come from Epsom salts as well as lavender oils. They lower the cortisol (stress hormones) in your blood.

3. Do a workout that you enjoy- sometimes the gym isn’t everything… especially if you dread going there try a different kind of workout that you enjoy! Whether it be swimming, rollerblading, skating etc.

4. Spend time in nature- nothing is more relaxing than spending time outside on a beautiful sunny day, listening to the birds chirping.

5. Watch a funny Tv show- laughter is the cure of so many ailments.

6. Read inspiring quotes- I can’t say how many times I have done this but it’s been a lot. You feel so much more motivated to go about your day.

7. Forgive yourself- no ones perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Don’t be so hard on yourself darling.

8. Drink your daily requirement of water- water always does the body good.

9. Blog or journal- I find blogging to be one of the most therapeutic things for me. I am so happy I took the leap and started one. If you want to keep things private start a journal!

10. Sleep- someone like me with Narcolepsy can feel the effects of lack of sleep times 100%. Hit the pillow a little bit earlier.

11. Naps- these are my favourite!!!!!! I can’t believe napping was considered a punishment when we were little.

12. Hugs- we may not realize it but hugging releases all of those feel good chemicals. Try to hug at least 3 times a day…. And yes dogs count!

13. Hang out with an animal- you can’t help but feel happy when you are hanging around a furr baby… there is a reason that they have therapy dogs in hospitals.

14. Talk to a good friend on the phone– in an age of texting and lack of real conversations, talking on the phone to someone positive, give you such a good feeling afterwards.

15. Listen to positive podcasts– podcasts have become extremely popular and is a great way to bring some positivity into your day.

16. Hit the spa– after the spa your body feels like it went on a mini vacation and I can’t stress enough the benefits of a massage.

17. Read a book- I highly recommend self help books. They have so many good ideas to make your life the best it can be.

18. Music- crank it up and get lost in it.

19. Make yourself a cup of tea- chamomile is a perfect one to calm the nerves.

20. Write down or think of 5 things that you are grateful for before bed- you will have so much to look forward to the next day.

21. Stop comparing yourself to others- learn how to be accepting and happy with the person that you are. No one is better at being you than you!

22. Retail therapy- A trip to the mall to get a new outfit can make you feel fabulous.

23. Stretching- stretching is good for so many reasons. It also helps you slow down and concentrate on something other than your issues.

24. Learn something new- try to read a new informative article every week. Or a new fact every day.

25. Colour- this gives you time to feel like a kid again, while keeping your mind off your problems and on your creativity.

26. Get rid of clutter- looking at clutter every single day can be taxing on its own. Go ahead and get rid of un necessary items.

27. Plan a trip- vacations are a great way to wind down if you have the means to.

28. Get your hair or nails done- when you look good, you feel good.

29. Help someone in need- just make sure you aren’t helping a toxic situation in where it will hurt you.

30. Eat healthy- mind, body and soul are all deeply connected, make sure you take care of them all equally.

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