Living Life As An Empath

Are you someone whom feels other people’s emotions when they are sad or angry? Do you always feel the need to help others with their issues even when they may not be deserving of your help? Do you find yourself drained of energy when hanging out with those who only speak negatively? You are known for being a caring and nurturing person? You would do anything for animals, children and injustice? Those who know you and those who don’t, come to you with their life story or their problems? Does this sound familiar to you? Well welcome to the club just like me you are a living, breathing, empathetic person and we need more of them.

First of all to understand the capabilities of an Empath, we need to understand that everything in this world (Me, you, the computer that you are reading off of, the last thought that went through your brain) gives off energy and these “energies” have a certain frequency attached to them. Positive thoughts, feelings and actions will travel on a different frequency than negative ones. Here is where the interesting part happens…. Empaths are the types of people who are the receptors for those frequencies. If you are ever wondering why your emotions can become almost a roller coaster ride when spending time with certain people, you are literally becoming a sponge to the energy that they are giving off.

It’s interesting… before I did some research into this whole empathy thing i knew that something about me was different from a young age. I couldn’t watch movies where kids got sick or dogs died because it would physically and emotionally scar me for not only days but years. I’ve always been one to read people. I have always found enthusiasm in sitting somewhere and watching people go on in their everyday lives and could almost feel what they were feeling. Not only that, whenever I am out in public I have people literally come to me and share a piece of their life story or talk as if I’ve known them for years!! (I find that my favourite perk of being an Empath). How beautiful is it in a crazy world such as now, where people feel comforted by you, enough that they can share a piece of them or their life story with you. Another aspect is with animals, they are drawn to you and you feel such a strong connection with them. It’s weird I’ve had wild birds fly onto my hand, I’ve been able to get so close to a deer to pet them, I’ve had people with their dogs tell me “oh they don’t like people much” and roll over to let me rub their bellies, while the owner stands there scratching their chin in disbelief. Whenever I see an animal I feel the need to see it, pet it or nurture it in some shape or form. At high school parties I would spend most of the time in another room away from the party, hanging out with the house pet. Another interesting thing I’ve experienced a few times is after someone passes away that I am close to, I get some extremely vivid dreams of them telling me that they are okay. It is such a comforting feeling and I do strongly believe that in some shape or form, that I am able to receive these messages to pass on to everyone else.

After reading everything that I have already posted about being empathetic I bet you are thinking “wow how magical”. The problem is that being empathetic can also get you into some problems and even drain your soul.

Increased rate of depression and anxiety: Those who are empathetic have a higher chance of developing depression and anxiety. Sometimes it is so beautiful to feel so much of everything but at the same time feeling too much of the bad things can leave you drained, sad and even cause depression. If you are empathetic and caught in a circle where you are always helping those with negativity, who are always complaining or acting in ways that are hurtful, you will end up depressed. In a world where there is so much violence and hate happening I can’t even handle watching the news without getting worked up to the point that I’m shaking or feel sick afterwards.

Taken advantage of: Empaths will go out of their way to help others without asking or wanting anything in return. The problem lies here when those individuals start to take advantage of your empathy and you do not have the heart to say anything because once again you don’t want to hurt their feelings, even when they may be crushing yours. When you realize that you are an empathetic person you now have the tools to realize that not everyone is like you and that some people need to help themselves. You can’t save the world and you should not have to hurt yourself by helping others that don’t appreciate you.

You are a target for narcissists and sociopaths: I had to learn this one the hard way. I never knew that there is an actual scientific connection between empaths and sociopaths. Reason being is sociopaths literally feed off of an empaths energy. They will suck all of the positive energy out of you leaving you dry, while they are building their own confidence with your niceness and move onto another as soon as they have taken away all of the good in you. The thing is empaths do receive these “gut feelings” about people. We can literally feel that something is not right but the other part of the brain that holds our empathy towards others basically makes us ignore these bad feelings because we want to help anyone and everyone!!!! Pretty scary stuff if you ask me!

How to embrace being an empath and keeping yourself away from the negative:

Do some research! Read up on the whole empath and narcissist connection. You may be amazed how many times these types of people have entered your life trying to suck you dry of your empathy and moving along. The more information you know, the quicker you can spot these red flags and kick them to the curb!

Not everyone wants the best for you: Another thing that I unfortunately had to learn in life a few times already… ok maybe a lot. Not everyone wants you to “win”. Not everyone in this world thinks and feels empathetic towards others, some may not have an empathetic bone in their bodies and that is scary because that is when they hurt others emotionally or physically without thinking anything of it. Just be on guard. You can usually sense jealousy or hate and you should always feel respected. Do not feel bad for letting go of people in your life that don’t want the best for you.

Trust those gut feelings- Have you ever had an off feeling about a situation, a person or a place. There is usually a reason for that unexplainable weird sensation in your gut the problem is do you ignore it? Or do you ask yourself why am I feeling this way? I’ve had many gut feelings when it has come to people. The problem is a lot of the times I would make excuses for them and completely ignore what my own body was telling me! We were given gifts as empaths, almost psychic capabilities but yet we seem to ignore them because our strengths are often times our weakness. So next time you get these gut feelings, take the time to think about why you may be feeling them and what your own body is telling you.

Meditation and nature is an empaths best friend: Meditation can be an empaths best friend. Because we act like a sponge and seem to soak up everyone’s emotions and feelings our own bodies become overwhelmed. Meditation gives us the time to clear our heads and bad energy out of our bodies, helping us restore our souls and become the complete amazing versions of ourselves. Another way to heal an empaths soul is through nature. Take a walk, go for a bike ride and let all of your worries melt away.

In closing. I love the whole empathy trait. To be one of those people that are able to feel much more than others. To literally receive signs from the universe to know which direction to take in life and what to stay away from. The ability to connect with animals and other species on such a different level is fascinating. The fact that strangers can feel like best friends in an instant is unbelievably amazing. I thank the stars and the moon for having the ability to feel, love and live on a whole other frequency. I’m sure lots of you will find that you have this same gift. I hope you embrace it and do not let it get the best of you. Take it and use it to your advantage. Let’s all make this world a better place… but don’t you dare do it at your own health expense.



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