Smart Ways To Save Money While Purchasing Clothing

It’s safe to say that saving money and finding deals has become a hobby of mine! Paying full price for anything these days almost seems unjustifiable, especially when there is the opportunity to purchase items for less and save yourself some moolah! I would have to say I am quite the expert at finding deals, especially around Winnipeg, and I would love for you to be able to join in on the sweet savings.

How many of you wear something once or twice and abandon it in your closet to never see a ray of light again?! Don’t worry lots of people have and that it why these new second hand stores, who only take in gently used (basically clothing that has been worn once, or still have tags on them) and sells them literally for a fraction of the price. Platos Closet is one of those franchises that carry brands such as Abercrombie, Under Armour, Lulu Lemon, Coach, Lucky, Garage, Adidas and many more. They have more casual clothing such as casual summer dresses, jeans, athletic wear, sweaters, hoodies, jackets, purses etc. Instead of paying $35 for a cute dress you will pay $12. Who really cares if someone wore it once!

Onto the next store that actually just opened and I’ve already fell in love with, it’s called Style Encore . It is under the same chain as Platos closet and does the same kind of thing with gently used clothing but carries more business casual, business and dressy clothes. I went there the day after they opened and the selection and brands were unbelievable!!!!! I cannot believe the items that people bring in and a lot with tags still intact!!!! It’s all women’s clothing and accessories… Every size and shape and age available. They carry brands such as: Maurice’s, R & W co, BCBG, Coach, LuLu Lemon, Adidas, Club Monaco, Dynamite, Coach, Micheal Kors etc etc. I ended up scoring 8 or 9 items for $60!! Which probably would have added up to $300 if I paid full price.

(They look way better on by the way).

Babies/Toddlers/Kids Clothing

I don’t have a child of my own but I do have a niece, nephew and little cousins… We all know how fast babies grow and we are lucky if they can wear a piece of clothing once or twice before they grow out of it!!! I was on a mission to find an “Elsa princess costume” for my niece to take her to Disney on ice. Well, all the costumes were too big and extremely expensive. I stumbled across Once Upon A Child, which is yet again a part of the same chain as those other two stores with gently used, second hand clothing. Ohhhh my goodness they have such cute clothing at a fraction of the price. They also have gently used toys and accessories etc.

Here is the Elsa costume we put together for like $15.00.

Surplus Direct Clothing (men’s, women’s, children’s brand new discounted clothing)

Surplus Direct Clothing is a discounted clothing store with all brand new clothing for a fraction of the price. The majority of their items come from Costco, either surplus or last Seasons items etc. Every week they bring in different items, so if you do not find anything the first time (which I doubt) you will probably find something next time! They also have a back room full of name brand clothing, shoes, boots, workwear etc, at a fraction of the price. I’ve gotten Puma sports bras for $4, Nygard pants for $7, DC runners for $30 and so much more. Great prices for brand new clothing is such a win! They also have a cute dog named Reggie that sometimes follows you around the store and gives out free kisses if you want some!! Oh yes and if you are purchasing a few items ask if he can do anything with the price… you are allowed to barter a little.

G&L Sales has clothing for kids, men, women and babies. All of their clothing is brand new and at an affordable discounted price. I’ve seen Jets gear, Billabong, D.C clothing, Quicksilver and a bunch of other brands. The nice thing is they have other items in the store as well to bargain hunt for such as groceries, paint supplies, renovation supplies, car cleaning products, decor and much more! They have TONES of chocolate right now for Easter.

Stitches Factory Outlet- This huge store takes up the space in the old Sears outlet store in Garden City Shopping Centre. They are a combination of Stitches, Sirens and Urban Planet but almost Everything in the store is under $10, except for some small exceptions and some items are 2 or 3 for $10. They sell both boys and girls clothing from athletic wear, dresses, underwear, T-shirts, business clothing, club clothing etc. They also have a large section for kids!

Bianca’s Liquidation has a huge selection of brand new clothing at a fraction of the price. I don’t believe there is any large name brand items but if you find something good who really cares? They have clothing for every age, men’s, women’s, kids, babies. Also have a HUGE selection of camouflage clothing items and work gear if you need. This store also carries many other interesting products as well as beautiful decor items (but that will be a different blog).

Pearl And Birch wedding consignments-

If you are looking for a wedding dress, grad dress, bridesmaid dress, mother of the bride dress or a fancy dress for an event but know you will only wear it once and do not want to spend a fortune this is your store. I brought my maid of honour dress in the other day for consignment (that they are selling for me but keep a portion of the sale). They have some beautiful dresses and only carry them if they are in close to perfect condition and in style. Instead of spending $2000 on a wedding dress you may be so lucky to find the perfect one for $1200. Instead of $260 on a long gown bridesmaid dress you will pay around $90. This is such a brilliant concept! It helps people not only save money on these one time events but they can also make some money back! The store also rents out or sells decor and centrepieces for weddings at a fraction of the cost because they are second hand as well. They also have shoes, veils and jewelry for your special events.

Winners is in fact my weakness. I always find something!!!! Their clothing is brand new, brand name clothing, cheaper than purchasing them from their main store. I always browse the clearance section first because that means even better prices! If I don’t find anything that I’m looking for there I browse around the store. They carry clothing for every age and genre along with home decor, beauty items, toys and accessories. Thursdays are usually the days that they bring in and stock up on new items, so that is the best time to go!

Marshalls is a sister company to Winners and basically carries the same kind of items, just a different store! If you don’t find anything at one of the stores you can check the other, which is nice to have that option. Always search their clearance section as well because the can have some pretty fabulous finds!

Other Clothes Savings Tips:

-Go to the back of the store first, that is usually where their clearance section is found in regular stores.

-Garage sales. If you have the patience for running from garage sale to garage sale you can sometimes score some great finds!

-After a season is over (for example winter) items such as jackets and boots go way down in price…. These are times to go browsing if you are in need of a specific item for the following year.

– Always search for promo codes or coupons

– Do a trade at those second hand stores. Bring in some of your old clothes! With the money that they give to you for your old clothes, you can purchase new items with , making you not spend any money at all.

– Check out thrift stores in the area. You will never know what treasures you will find!

Remember everyone, there are always deals out there, you just need to have the patience to look for them. Why pay full price when you don’t need to? I hope this helps. If you aren’t from Winnipeg there are most likely some of the same types of these stores in places where you live, just do some research or ask around.

Also I would like to share my 15% off promo code for an online store that I have found that sells some super nice camo and hunting/ fishing/ workout/ camping apparel. The company is called “BuckedUp”.

That is the link. They have 40% off on some of their items right now. If you use crystal15 under the promo code option you will receive an additional 15% off your order:)

Hope all of this helps and saves you money! Let me know if you have any tips or tricks for saving money on clothing items.



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