Stunning Rv Transformation- Creating Your Very Own Beach Oasis

I had purchased my first camper with so much excitement!!! Finally a home away from home, surrounded by nature and campfires. The camper was in excellent shape, as the couple before rarely used it. The first year owning it we just took it all in and enjoyed the new space. The second year during winter is when the wheels started spinning in my head, knowing that I could make this space into something so much more. A place customized to me, modernized, and a place to kick back and relax. Here is what the camper looked like before it turned into our beach oasis.

So tell me this….. why must all camper decor include floral patterns and wallpaper? The colours just felt way too blah for a space that is supposed to be considered a getaway. I started to do my research and asked the BF if he was down for a project!!!

First things first I had to choose a colour scheme and a theme to go with. I wanted to brighten it up but also add a pop of colour. We chose light grey for the walls, white for the cupboards, doors, trim and benches. I would then add teal accents afterwards to bring in the beach vibe. Because it was too cold to start painting inside the camper we used my boyfriends heated garage to start on the cupboard doors, as you are able to take them off. We used the and had it tinted to the “pure white”. This removes the work of sanding, as you use a deglosser instead, which worked great. It said we would only need to use 2 coats……. but to make it look really good we used four.

We used brushes to paint with because it helped keep the wood grain show through. Ended up swapping the old tarnished brass hardware for updated silver ones, that looked sharp with the white. I found those at home hardware (make sure they match up with your old holes, as there is no reason to make new ones).

As it became warm enough to paint in the camper we painted the rest of the cabinets inside. We had to keep a heater on throughout the process because temperatures dropped at night. Also made sure that the cupboards were properly degreased with the solution included in the kit, so the paint would go on perfectly. Half way through painting the cupboards we realized that we were using up a lot of that cabinet paint and it’s pretty expensive, so we added a coat of the Bulls Eye 1,2,3 primer before putting on the paint. It helped to cut down on the cabinet paint coats.

Next up were the vinyl walls!!! First of all I wanted to get that disgusting wall paper border that was seen throughout the camper off. Some people say to paint over it but I didn’t want the lines. We were able to just rip it off and then scrub off the left over glue residue with Goo Gone. Next we ripped off all the valences (those tacky frames around the windows), took off the blinds and even the window frames to make it easier to paint. Removed all light switch/plug plates. Next we had to clean the walls very well with T.S.P. Make sure to wear a mask while doing this because it can be pretty harsh on the lungs. After we T.S.P’d the walls, rinsed them and let them dry we were ready for the first coat of primer!

I think we only needed one coat of the primer as it works really well. Next was paint!! We used a bathroom paint for the whole camper because of the moisture that they bring in. We wanted the paint job to last! One coat could have been enough but we did two! We used a brush to get the edges but a roller for the rest.

If you are wondering why the cabinets don’t look painted yet in this picture, they aren’t. I forgot that we did one room at a time, so that’s when we decided to put a coat of primer on them before the cabinet paint. (So much better). The painting was complete!!!!!!! Sigh of relief. It is quite the challenge painting in such small areas.

Next we had to get rid of that hideous couch design but I’m not the best at sewing. I went shopping with my mom at Sears Outlet and managed to find these light grey blankets that hid the couch nicely without looking tacky. Best part is you can take them off to clean!!!

Another big project was the dinette cushions that had the same horrible pattern as the couches. Well we were in luck! Our giant fabric store was closing out and selling their fabrics for a fraction of the cost, so once again me and my mother went shopping.

We found this beautiful white and grey patterned material for the back cushion and used a flat grey material for the bottom cushion. The bottom material was actually a materialized shower curtain, which we thought was perfect incase of spills or wet bathing suits. My mom being the talented person that she is ended up sewing the cushions for me as a gift for my birthday. She did such a great job. I am able to remove them because of the Velcro, which is perfect for washing!

I almost forgot about the backroom…. it previously had a fold down couch with a fold down bunk bed. The bunk bed covered up a giant window in the back and it really wasn’t needed because of all the other sleeping space that we had. It was basically being used as a junk area and the window being covered up, kept it dark and dreary.


We decided to take out the bunk bed and create a little coffee/relaxation area, as well as opening up he window and creating more light in the camper. It could also be a guest room as well.


As you can also see we switched out the hideous brown curtains for patterned ones with hints of teal and grey. There was matching bath matts with the curtains so it worked out perfectly!

We also picked up this beautiful light, beachy material to make curtains for all of the windows. It was a lot of work and I still have yet to put them up… but when I do I think they will look awesome.

After putting the camper back together I got to add some teal accents. Towels, garbage can, pictures, throw blanket, pillows and a new gorgeous bed spread from Bed Bath and Beyond.

So here is the final product. I’m so thankful for my Boyfriend Lee and my mother for helping me create such a beautiful place to rest and relax. We have spent a full summer in paradise and the paint and cabinets held up very well!!!

If you are thinking about updating your camper just make sure you your research and proper prepping. It is a lot of work but is so worth it in the end. If you do have any questions do not hesitate to shoot me off a quick email. I would be glad to help you create your own little oasis.

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