Why “Valentines Day” Should be Practiced all Year Long

February 14th……. it’s supposed to be considered a day of love but instead I’ve seen disappointment and even breakups that have stemmed from this holiday. People are scrambling around to find the “perfect gift” or dinner reservations at these insanely packed restaurants, where everyone is basically sitting on top of each other while attempting to have a romantic date night with your significant other. Don’t get me wrong I know celebrating events, happiness and love should be something that we embrace, but people breaking up because they didn’t receive expensive jewelry on this day of “so called love” is a little bit crazy if you ask me. If the only day that you show love and appreciation to your partner is on Valentine’s Day…. on this day where everyone expects it, should you really be in that relationship?

What I am getting at is why don’t we practice Valentines Day all year round, instead of one day! How do we do that? It’s called effort and keeping things creative. Here are some ideas to practice all year long:

  • Surprise breakfasts in bed
  • Complimenting each other at least once a day
  • Cooking together
  • Learning something new together, whether it’s a DIY project, learning how to cook, skating lessons, shooting range etc etc
  • Get fit together
  • Leave each other surprise notes
  • Create a bucket list together
  • Unexpected surprises just because
  • Create dinner theme nights (Mexican night, appetizer night, Italiano night, dessert first night, breakfast for dinner)
  • Plan a date night once a month (take turns)

The list is really endless. I feel that putting in the effort all year long instead of throwing your efforts into one expected day would be way more exciting, and most likely way more beneficial to your relationship. Now if you are one of those couples that does practice all year long but actually enjoy celebrating Feb 14th for the fun of it… I say go ahead. Life should be full of celebrations. Just don’t make the day about expectations and who got you what or took you where. It’s just another day……

And for those of you that are single on this day don’t sweat it. You can create your own day. V-Day = me day. But… the same goes for you. You have to practice self love all year long, but using that day as a yearly reminder and an excuse to give yourself some extra pampering isn’t such a bad thing! Hit up the spa, celebrate “Gal-entines” day with the girls, take a fitness class, unplug for the day, indulge in your favourite dessert (you don’t need to share), change your look. To be honest I think that v-day is a perfect day to remind yourself to practice self love. If you can’t love yourself, then you can’t truly love someone else.

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