How to Revamp your Bathroom on a Budget

In our lifetime we spend approximately 1.5 years of it in the bathroom! Some of us who like to soak in the tub for hours on end may increase that number even more. What I’m getting at is that is a lot of time, so why not turn it into a room of comfort and relaxation. Let me show you how to revamp your bathroom turning it from an eye sore into an oasis without burning a hole in your pocket.

I decided to help my parents out by decorating their bathroom while they went on vacation for two weeks!

This was the bathroom before:

Extremely bright yellow but at the same time blah. I wanted to make it relaxing as well and easier on the eyes….

First of all you need to decide a theme: I chose to do a “sea and sand theme”. My mom already had some paints downstairs to choose from that would work with the theme. She found paints that were a “mistint”, so they were discounted. These are the two colours that I chose:

Always do a test strip on the walls to see what the colours are going to dry to.

Next step is take out all of the old decor and clean the bathroom really well (especially the walls before painting)

I used a bucket of water with Dawn dish detergent and soap to clean the walls. I let them dry and applied the painters tape where needed and I was ready to paint!! Make sure you take off all of the light switch plates as well before painting!!

Next step paint!!! I made the back wall an accent wall with the blue colour and the rest the sandy colour. This is your time to be creative, you don’t always need to stick to one colour, even in a smaller space.

Next step: Purchase new light switch covers. The covers that were in this bathroom were a brass and tarnished. They dated the bathroom quite a bit. I opted for white wood ones, with a decor plate around them.

I found these at Technically you can also spray paint your old ones to a different colour as well.

Next step: Find towels and face cloths to match your theme and colour scheme.

We also found the towels and face cloths when they were on sale!! So win win!!

Next step: Toothbrush Holder, cup and soap dispenser that goes with the colour scheme.

Look through your flyers to see when these products go on sale. January- Feb are usually renovation months, so these kind of items typically are discounted, or they are clearing out last years stock.

Next step: New bath matts.

Those stripped bath matts had to go…. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and found these bad boys on sale for $19.00. (Reg $32.00 each)

Next step shelving. Floating shelves are such a perfect way to add extra places for storage or to use as a decorative piece to fill a wall. I also purchased one on sale for $17! The shelf was placed above the toilet.

Next step wall decor: This part was fun!!! You can do some searching around to find reasonable prices. I found this five piece circle mirror set at Winners for $19.00

I layed them out on the floor to envision how they would look on the wall and got to work. I love the end result, which I will show you in a minute!!! I also found this super cute shell, art piece from Walmart for $19.00

Last step: Purchase or search for little decor pieces to accent the bathroom.

Honestly check out the dollar store! They do have some perfect items, that can add an extra touch!


No decor piece in those photos were over $5!

After adding up the decor, wall decor light switch plates, bath matts, paint, shelf, soap dispenser, cup, toothbrush holder etc……. The simple revamp came out to under $150.00.

Now let’s see the end result:

Honestly little changes can make a huge difference….. and you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to create an oasis.



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