Recap of January and Why it’s Okay if it Didn’t go as Planned

January…. the month of fresh beginnings, New Years resolutions and putting a whole lot of pressure on yourself to achieve all of your goals in one month, while you still have eleven more to go before 2018 is over.

Sometimes I feel that we believe when the clock strikes 12:00 on January first that all past issues will remain in the past and all worries will disappear. We aren’t Cinderella people and we still remain the same people that we were just one month earlier. We have to be easier on ourselves… If we haven’t achieved a six pack yet or had issues completing your savings challenge or haven’t gotten to try some new challenges because of a pesky flu bug or what have you not, got in the way. February is a new month. It’s the month of love and a month that you should learn to love and appreciate yourself more than anything.

Take a moment to reflect on January, write it in a book. Is there any small goals that you achieved , that you can consider a “win” in your books. I seriously didn’t think I hit any goals until I sat down and broke my month down in small pieces. I started working out again, got my diagnosis I’ve been waiting on for 7 years, helped someone in need, learned how to cook some new meals in my instant pot, redecorated my room, started a blog, helped build a closet organizer, tried some new things such as a trampoline park all while I made sure I took care of myself. I feel that January was overall a great month. It was a month of growth, experimenting, creativity and becoming at peace with my diagnosis.

How to make your next month successful?!

  1. Write down some small goals that you know you can achieve. (These are easy wins and will help you gain some momentum and confidence to push harder)
  2. Share your goals or ideas with others. That way it will make you feel more accountable.
  3. Set rewards!!!! If you attain such goal you will treat yourself with this…. (don’t reward yourself with junk food for exercising though) That is a big no no.
  4. Read positive quotes or affirmations as you wake up. It will get you motivated and give you a positive start to your day.
  5. Make sure you have some fun!!!!! If you have some fun that is basically the best goal and what life is all about.

We will look at January as a month that you either learnt from, that you grew from or you will continue to be motivated from. I wish you all the best of luck in this new month. Remember to be easy on yourself and love yourself through the process. Smash those goals and build those dreams… we got this.

My short goals for Feb are:

  1. Save money!!! Hence why I started the no Spend February Challenge.
  2. Work out (spring is coming sooner than we think)
  3. Clean eating with full and nutritious meals
  4. Learn something new
  5. Renovate my cabinet



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