How to Change the Complete Look of Your Room with a Sparkle Accent Wall

Well here I am…. I got out of the whole painting project alive!!!!! There was only one point where I actually wanted to cry…. but as Finding Nemo says “just keep swimming”, Or just keep painting in my case…. My old accent wall in my room was red and the rest of the walls white. Honestly I loved it but it constantly reminded me of the years I had spent in that bedroom suffering from my condition. I’m all about new beginnings and a fresh new look can honestly help you heal and to start some new memories. Also I love love to make things pretty 🤗.

Below is my before picture with an accented red wall! It’s funky and it definitely stands out. I was able to put little red accents all over the room to be brought out by my accent wall.

So here comes the fun part we went shopping at Home Depot for paint. I knew that I wanted some sort of grey as it’s my current obsession and looks so good!!!!! So this is the paint that I got

I ended up tinting it to a beautiful medium grey colour called “cool ashes”.

This is a paint and primer, so technically they say you do not need to prime it beforehand, that it should do the work. I did not want to take that chance as I was painting over a bright red wall! I purchased the 1,2,3 primer already tinted in grey. This stuff literally sticks to anything!!!

While we were at Home Depot we came across this absolutely huge and beautiful mirror that I knew would just be perfect with the new colour and it was a great price….

(Yes we fit this giant thing into a little Kia Soul).

I moved all the furniture, put down paint tarps and washed the walls with dove dish detergent and a bucket of water. It helps to remove any fingerprints or grease so the paint adheres to the wall better. I taped the sides and bottom of the wall, so I wouldn’t get paint on my white walls….. Then I started priming.

(Amanda’s working so hard) 😂

After the primer was dry we purchased some very fine silver sparkles from Make sure you use their coupons!!!! No need to spend full price.

I then mixed approx 1 and a half sparkle containers into 1/3 of the paint.

I then applied one coat to the walls and that was actually all it needed……. It looked great but I was going to see if I could make it even more dramatic! I used this shimmer glaze by rustoleum.

For whatever reason it went on horribly and left lines all over the walls. (This is when I wanted to cry) and yes I used a good roller to do it with!!!! Honestly I don’t think it’s made for walls. So basically I had to sand the surface after it dried and put another coat of my grey paint with sparkles. SUCCESS!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy it covered the mess. So here is the reveal 🤗🤗🤗

It’s hard to see the sparkles in a picture…. But in person they look so pretty, especially when a light hits the wall. I added my gorgeous mirror and moved around a couple things. I also found these super cute pictures at Home Sense to finish off the room.

I am so in love with how it turned out! It looks so different with one wall changed.

If you would like to try it out you will need:

– Paint brush, paint tarps, lint free roller, couple containers of fine sparkles, primer, paint, paint tape.



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