Why “BFF”Photo Shoots Should Be All The Rave This Year!

Have you ever done a photoshoot in your life just for the fun of it? I know some of you may be asking well why would I do a photoshoot if it’s not for engagement pictures or actual modelling? Also, doing your first photoshoot alone can be rather intimidating!!! So what am I getting at with this? A BFF Photoshoot 🤗 (BFF= Best Friend Forever). I will give you some reasons why you should grab your bff, collaborate about some ideas that are unique to both of you and your personalities and find a photographer that will help you capture some pretty cute memories.

https://www.instagram.com/stevederworizphotography (this is who did our pictures)

  • Guys hate photo shoots! So trying to pull your man’s leg into taking super cute, staged photos may be more work than it’s worth. (You’re welcome guys)
  • A photoshoot can build your confidence. It’s amazing what photographers can do with the right lighting and beautiful editing. I’ve forced friends do a photo shoot after a rough breakup……Honestly it really did help lift their confidence and get them to a better place emotionally.
  • Your BFF is a pretty important person in your life. Wouldn’t it be nice to have visual memories together that you can look back at and laugh or show your grandchildren one day that you were in fact a smoke-show?!
  • Use it as a reward. Hit the gym together and create a healthy meal plan. After 6 months agree to executing a BFF photoshoot, showcasing all of your hard work and documenting a huge achievement that you’ve accomplished together.
  • A photoshoot can be really fun if you are comfortable. Who better than your best friend to play off of? Make it a whole day if you want. Get your makeup done, go on Pinterest and come up with some cute poses, purchase a bottle of champagne to get rid of some of the jitters and have fun at your shoot.
  • I believe that we need more laughter in our lives….. Trust me your photoshoot will be full of laughs and plenty of entertainment.
  • Do it for a birthday, graduation, or as a stagette idea. Honestly the bar can get pretty old for celebrations. Why not get your girls together, go shopping for a new outfit, get your makeup done and do a shoot!!! You will have way more fun and opportunity to create a photo book memento of the day.

Here is my shoot with Amanda below to give you some ideas if you like! Our “Best Friends” shirts were found at https://m.garageclothing.com/ca and were so perfect for this shoot.

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