Get Your Creative Juices Flowing. New Years Resolution #3

Who can honestly say that living the same day 365 times is considered a life? I call that boredom and not knowing what to do with yourself….. Boredom can become a pretty toxic problem in your life. It can lead to depression, not having a purpose and even something as drastic as Alzheimer’s because you aren’t working your brain enough!!!! Getting yourself a hobby or trying something new can be challenging, invigorating, fun and can turn those boring blues into some much needed confidence. So here is your challenge…. I will give you 50 different hobbies/activities, that you can choose from….. In this lovely year of 2018, you must give one a try or check all of them off of your list. You will thank me for it later.

  1. Join a fitness class
  2. Art class
  3. Book club
  4. Try a make up class
  5. Tour your own city
  6. Learn how to skate
  7. Take a photography class
  8. Start a blog
  9. Cooking class
  10. Make a list of different restaurants to try and go to them.
  11. Wall climbing
  12. Pick up fishing
  13. Paint nights
  14. Volunteer
  15. Take an acting class
  16. Become a movie extra
  17. Learn how to sew
  18. Participate in a marathon
  19. Do a photoshoot
  20. Get your scuba diving license
  21. Attend a sports event
  22. Become a concert hopper
  23. Take up a dance class
  24. Mixology class
  25. Hiking
  26. Treat yourself to a day at the spa
  27. Practice meditation
  28. Attend as many festivals as you can
  29. Go kart racing
  30. Escape rooms
  31. Try some DIY’s off of Pinterest
  32. Create an image board
  33. Visit the zoo
  34. Rent a tandem bike
  35. Rent a cabin and do all the outdoorsy adventures
  36. Create a scavenger hunt
  37. Go camping in a tent
  38. Attend a comedy show (some people need to learn how to laugh again)
  39. Go to a motivational speaker
  40. Wine tasting/ beer tasting
  41. Pottery
  42. Wood working
  43. Singing lessons/ musical lessons
  44. Learn a different language
  45. Take a college or university class
  46. Learn how to drive standard
  47. Read a new book every month
  48. Start a business
  49. Practise yoga
  50. Dive into your own culture and family history. Learn former traditions and how you can carry them on through the next generation.

In this new generation full of technology I feel that society has lost who they truly are! We are becoming robots that go to work, stare at our phones and have forgotten how to have fun and enjoy life! Social media has taken a toll on our lives by how we portray what our lives are supposed to look like instead of actually creating what they can be. Let’s begin a turning point in our lives right now before it’s too late and we are to old to do the things that we love. Ask yourself this questions. What do I want to try before I die? Go and do it!!! Life does not tell us our expiry date, so we need to have fun and have new experiences while we can ❤️

Published By: Crystal Oleschuk & Amanda Giesbrecht

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