My story…. Through the Thick and the Thin

Hello lovelies. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you my story and what has brought me to create this blog.

My name is Crystal…. I’m a 30 year old ambitious and goal oriented woman who’s mind never stops and has new ideas every five minutes.. (sorry to the people that have to hear them on the regular). Anyways… I grew up with a great and happy childhood, with dreams as big as the universe. I was a competitive gymnast for ten years, which after lead me to become a gymnastics coach while I was in school. I would actually have 3 jobs at a time while attending college for sales and marketing. Did I need three jobs while attending college? No…. not at all. I just loved meeting new people, creating connections and seeing where things could take me.

When I was 17 I auditioned to become a member of the Blue Lightning Dance/Cheer team. (It’s for a CFL Team in Canada). Did I ever in my right mind think that I would make it??? No….. but I was extremely determined and I wasn’t going to settle for anything less. I ended up cheerleading with the team for 3 amazing years, that I will truly never forget… I made sure that I took every opportunity that came with being a CFL cheerleader and would manage to complete over 100 promotional/ volunteer hours each season of being a cheerleader. I look back to those days and do not understand how I did it…. I was attending college (full time) , cheerleading 2 nights a week for three hours at a time, Game days on the weekends, working two jobs and managing to spend time with friends and family.

After retiring from cheerleading I felt like I was missing a void…. I needed a new adventure, a new challenge. On the radio they were advertising the opportunity to represent our province becoming “Miss Manitoba by competing in a beauty pageant. All I could think was “why the heck not” any experience is a fun experience…. and what girl doesn’t want to get dolled up?! Okay maybe some….. but I love it! Anyways I ended up winning and was presented the opportunity to represent North America in a pageant hosted in Jamaica. (Best experience of my life, but there is some things that happen in the pageant world that made me not want to continue)…. but that’s a story for another day. So I felt that my life couldn’t get any better with everything that I was experiencing and landing my dream job being a sales and marketing specialist for a super fun and exciting company….

Every life seems to have its mountains and valleys….. this is where mine would take an unexpected turn for the worst and continue on for the next 6 years of my life or more. I fell extremely ill….. so sick that I often would be found under my desk because I couldn’t keep my head up or eyes open. My health continued to deteriorate to the point I couldn’t work anymore and my life became weekly emergency visits along with specialist appointments and a whole lot of sleeping. The medical industry can be so frustrating (to say the least). Not only did my life change but everyone around me had to adapt to my new challenges. Completely changing my diet, my mom had to literally become my nurse, taxi and everything else, I basically almost lost most of my friends ( I wasn’t fun anymore) and I woke up terrified every morning to start a new day because I didn’t know what it would hold……. I ended up developing crazy anxiety and panic attacks due to other scary symptoms and just dealing with the unknown.

Even though I was going through so many issues and there really wasn’t much to get excited about…. I still found things. I knew that I couldn’t just give up, I had so much more to experience and give back to the world. I got my anxiety and panic attacks under control (so sorry to anyone else that experiences anxiety, it is the scariest thing ever!) I started living day to day.. setting new goals for each day, keeping a gratitude journal, trying new things and just remaining happy with the things that I could do and control. Yes I still need to sleep A LOT! Like extremely abnormal amounts, which still halters my ability to hold a job until it becomes more stable or they figure out what’s going on! But that is out of my control right now so I will focus on what I can do and how lucky I am. I have an amazing family and boyfriend that stuck with me through it all. I don’t have many friends but I have cream of the crop ones that I know will always be in my life. I was able to completely renovate my camper and transform it into a beach oasis (between my naps that is) and the help of my boyfriend who helped me turn my vision into a reality. I’ve learnt how to cook healthy and am now a wealth of information when it comes to health products (that actually benefit you) and fitness. I’ve had the opportunity to explore many avenues that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t become sick…. I’ve changed my way of life… and even though it can be hard I will make it worth it. And I want all of you reading this to create your best life ever… everyone’s “perfect life” will obviously look different but there are a lot of the same steps that we all can take to make it that much better. So this is my new challenge… I want to help anyone willing to change their life for the better, one day at a time through health, fitness, mind, organization, money management, how to have fun, beauty tips etc etc. We are all in this together ❤️

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