Your perception of me is a reflection of you……

There is so many things that I love in this world and so many amazing people that I have encountered…. The type of people that I cannot tolerate though are bully’s.

Back in high school I remember never having a “clique”. I didn’t understand the concept of having only one group of friends and that’s it. The fact that different people had different interests and stories always appealed to me. I was even threatened at one point that if I friended people “outside” of their group that they would no longer talk to me…. and guess what?! That was one of my first lessons of learning not to follow the crowd and to think for myself. Why should somebody tell you who you should and shouldn’t be friends with?!?!

High school is a challenging time for a lot of people… Trying to get good grades while dealing with social pressures, the awkwardness that comes with puberty and just trying to fit in, while also figuring out your own self and who you really are. I remember getting teased because I was way more focused in Gymnastics and living life than I was into finding a boyfriend… I would be called a “tight wad”, “a tease” and harassed for not wanting to date. I never understood why people had to be so judgemental in high school…. I admit I was probably lucky and I’m sure there are people that get it so much worse and it kills me to know that. After highschool is when bullying really started to affect me……

At the end of highschool I was blessed to have made the Winnipeg Blue Bomber Cheerleading team. It was an honour getting to dance with an amazing group of girls and to help give back to the community while volunteering at community events. I felt that I was In a good place in my life….. Reaching goals, experiencing so many new things, crossing obstacles and making lots of memories along the way. We would practise 3 times a week for 3 hours each night, go home and practise more, hit the gym to keep in shape, dance at all the games, stay after games to meet with the kids and take pictures on the field and volunteer 100’s of hours doing community service and promotional events. This is all while some of us were putting ourselves through college or working within our careers as well as starting families. I started to get backlash as a cheerleader, which really hurt. People characterizing you as the typical “slutty, stupid cheerleader that must be sleeping with all the football players”. Honestly it was horrible having to fend for yourself in that way. I always felt as though I was being judged…. that they summarized us before they even knew who we were and how smart and talented these girls can be.

The worst happened when I became Miss Manitoba….. Did I ever think I would win? No. Did I feel like someone else should have won?! Absolutely. It was just another opportunity in my life to try something new, open more doors and strive to always be a better person. With my whole pageant gig, photo shoots were something that just became a part of it. So much so that my picture was in the paper a lot one summer and someone got really sick of it. I got a call that I was plastered all over a website with the worst possible things said about me. I knew that certain things weren’t true obviously…. but there were some things that slowly killed me inside. “Your father paid for you to win the pageant”, “someone should just punch her out”, “she’s not even pretty”, “this girl should just die”. I could not believe my eyes that people wished so much harm on me for not doing anything to them. I remember hiding in the bathroom at work crying my eyes out, coming home crying myself sick…. feeling so insecure and so down on myself that I was now embarrassed to have been in a pageant at all. It’s really sickening to know that bullying still goes on even after highschool as adults, in fact it never really ends.

For 6 years (a big chunk of my twenties) I became very ill. I couldn’t go out, work, most of the time I couldn’t leave my bed. The physical symptoms were horrible but the fact that I had old friends that knew me for years when I was healthy and happy telling other people that I was faking being sick for attention… everything in me literally died. I never felt so low and alone in my entire life. I felt at the time that I had to keep quiet and not complain so that I wouldn’t be judged anymore. The suffering in silence was almost easier than having to explain and basically convince people of how crappy I was really feeling. I was told things such as “maybe you should just eat something”, “you need to go out more”, “try eating more junk food”. I just got tired… Tired of trying to explain… tired of trying to convince. You should NEVER have to waste any of your energy trying to convince people on how sick you are but there I was not only fighting to hold onto my sanity that comes with being sick with no answers but also my dignity that was slowly drifting away with the words of others.

Once again I knew that I should have paid no attention to what they were saying.. as I was the one going through hell and back, not them. But I just didn’t understand how and why they would even think that. I was always out and about and friends always came first to me. Five years being locked in my house….. thinking I was doing it for attention?!?! It still hurts me to think about it but I can’t change people. They are going to think what they want to and I can’t stop that. The only thing that I feel us victims of bullying can do is to know that you aren’t in this alone. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, you can be the target. They create a perception of you that isn’t in fact you at all….. it is a reflection of the type of human being that they are. In fact I’ve learnt to feel sorry for those that have to waste their own precious time trying to destroy others.

We are all human beings that are faced with certain differences and challenges. Our differences are what makes us beautiful and unique. We all have a different story to tell, a different purpose in this life to contribute in some way to society. Help change the brokenness in this world. Compliment a stranger, lend a helping hand, stick up for one another. We are on the same level of playing field. Not one of us is better or higher than the other, some of us are just dealt with different challenges. And please check in on your loved ones……. If I didn’t have the love and support from my family and other special people in my life I may have not climbed back up as easy.

Thank you to those who have shown nothing but support and motivation through all of my endeavours. Y’all seriously hold a special place in my heart and I am forever grateful to you. Let’s help make a change in this broken world and help to end bullying.

Love always,

Crystal ❤️

Why You Must Try Background Acting At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Have you ever thought about what it’s like to be on a movie set? Is it really all glam and glitz as it’s presented to be? The glam and glitz not so much but it’s everything and more.

I honestly don’t remember why I decided to apply as a background for a movie at first. I just assumed that how can it not be fun?!?! My first one that I ever did was with my mom walking down Albert street on an over night shoot freezing our ying yangs off. We had to repeat each action over and over again until they got the perfect shot. As the sun was rising we could no longer feel our hands or our feet…. we looked like we hadn’t slept for days (that may be because we were playing ghosts) or because we spent the past 12 hours walking down the street in costume as the temperatures plummeted well below zero. The next day was a write off completely exhausted and aching from shivering in the cold……….. but guess what something about it made me want to come back for more……..

It’s been well over a year and a half that I have had the pleasure of being on set, helping these beautiful creations that these writers have come up with and being a part of turning them into a reality. Even though a majority of the time we are that cute fuzzy blur in the background, we still feel invested in its creation and have made so many memories being a part of it.

First of all my absolute favourite thing about being on set is the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G people that you meet and the friendships that you make. I cannot believe the people that come out to these gigs. They are incredible, full of personality, full of stories, and full of hopes and dreams. You do not hear much negativity and everyone is sincerely happy to be there. You spend at least 8 hours with these people… mainly sitting around either in tent in a circle or in a building at tables. You get to know each other extremely fast and the fact that we are all communicating in the flesh (not by texting) is so fulfilling. We share stories, mostly laughter and sometimes tears. We usually walk away from the long day usually exhausted but also with the biggest smile on our faces knowing that we were blessed to be a part of something so magical.

Yes magical…… that’s the only way I can describe it…. Its an addiction to be a part of something that is nothing but creative, fulfilling and fun. Don’t get me wrong there are times that you are standing outside in the freezing cold for 8 hours and unable to feel your toes….. but it’s the people around you that warm your heart and make you forget how horrible the sting of the wind was that day.

Okay so now the food…….. yes it’s true the food on movie sets can rock your socks off!!!! Especially when they pass around a tray full of candy or have a taco bar with all of the fixings for dinner!!!!! Which other job feeds you all day long to keep your tummy happy and your energy going till the wee hours of the morning?! Didn’t think so…

You get to play dress up!!!!!!! I bet all of those that have done background can agree that some of their cheque goes to more clothing items for possible future movies or t.v shows. You kind of catch on to the colours that they always pick and it can become pretty fun dressing up in clothing that you may never wear on a daily basis. One day you can be in a full out suit as a lawyer and the next time as a cowgirl. Pretending to be something you are not is super fun and brings me back to my childhood.

Working on set feels like play time. It’s funny when they want you to be a part of a certain scene they ask you to “come and play”. Once again bringing me back to childhood or at least grade 7 drama class when you had to pretend to be someone you are not or just pretend in general. You may feel silly at first but after awhile you start to get the hang of it and joke around about being the next person to receive an oscar for the best blur!

It can open the door to other opportunities. Once being a background your doors can open to a whole other host of opportunities! Commercials, stand in jobs, photo doubles, body doubles, special skills, stunts or even working behind the scenes. You may also find other opportunities just by networking with your new background friends…. the sky is the limit as you meet many new faces each time.

The last best part is watching these creations come to life. Whether it be a movie, tv show, web series it is so neat to watch how everything came together. You can be working on one small scene for the whole day and amazed that is only lasted for all of 30 seconds in the entire movie. It is truly amazing the detail and work that goes behind making this entertainment for others to enjoy. The crews work insane hours in the blistering heat, to below 30 temperatures and need to keep the show going (literally) even if they can’t feel their hands or toes. It’s fun to watch if you can actually see yourself or if you were the best damn blur that you could be.

I hope that this gives you a little insight of how incredible of an adventure it can be to give background performing a shot. There is so many opportunities (more than you think) to try it out for yourself. I sincerely advise you to try it out with an open mind but also try to make the most out of it by engaging with those around you. I’m so happy I never gave up after that first day that I froze my butt off because I wouldn’t have made the friendships that I have and created the memories that we did.

Thank you to those that have made my background experiences so uplifting and amazing. You have truly made a difference in my life and I thank you for that.

Fanola Line Review and Tutorial- How to rock that blonde bombshell look

Fanola Line Review and Tutorial- How to rock that blonde bombshell look

Ever since I was little I have ALWAYS envied those that could pull off that white blonde hair. In junior high I would load my hair with lemon juice and bake in the sun for hours hoping that it would turn platinum blonde over night…. ohhh the the humour in our childhood imaginations…. Next I tried that horrid bottle of Sun In. (Hey we all did and do not deny it). It would make ugly orange and yellow splotches in my hair and leave me wondering why my hair wouldn’t turn that perfect blonde. Fast forward to high school when I gave my friend permission to bleach and foil my hair. After an emergency trip to the hair salon to somehow fix my white, patchy, over processed, breaking hair I think I finally learnt my lesson.

I decided to find a professional hair stylist and it has been bliss ever since. Recently I decided to go platinum blonde (which can put your hair to the test and also be a lot of maintenance). But I stumbled across a product line that had completely changed the hair game when it comes to the maintenance of keeping my hair the perfect ashy colour between salon visits. Not only does it keep the colour looking fresh and amazing with their Fanola No Yellow Line, but their Nutri Care line helps to restore the over processed hair that bleaching causes.

I have put together a video for y’all to explain how these two lines from Fanola work and when/how to use them.

Fanola no yellow and nutricare line tutorial (part 1)

Fanola no yellow and nutricare line (part 2)

This photo below was taken before I used the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo line. As you can see it is more of a yellow/blondish tone as opposed to the Icy/ashy blonde that I love.



These two photos below were taken after only one wash with the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo and No Yellow Conditioner Hair Mask. Look at the transformation in the colour! Way more ash/ white/ silver tone and bye bye yellow brass. I tried over a dozen of purple shampoos and this one is by far the most effective and gives stunning results!

Now their Nutri care line can be used by anyone with any hair colour but I HIGHLY recommend it to those with over-processed bleached out hair. It will completely change the integrity of it making it silkier, shinier, less breakable and a heck of a lot more healthy. Going blonde is one thing but keeping it looking and feeling healthy is another. You do not want platinum blonde hair if it doesn’t look healthy… it kind of defeats the purpose.

If you are wondering where you can get your hands on these bad boys here is the link: FANOLA PRODUCTS

When you are checking out use code: crystaloleschuk for 10% off of your purchase 🙂

Thank you for watching!

Crystal Oleschuk

Why It’s So Important To Be Your Own Person

The title of this post sounds so silly doesn’t it?!?! But in reality I do feel that this is a huge problem which can effect every single person… or at least has at some point in their life!

I know personally I have ran into the problem of trying to please others to the point that it has shattered my own happiness, to which caused me to lose myself and my fire from within. I feel like this issue can start at a young age when we may be forced upon which career to choose, taking over a family business whether you are interested in it or not, which sport they want you to stay in etc etc…. These issues don’t just stem from your parents (or may not at all these are just examples) but can also be with friends, family members, coaches, relationships and so on. Heck strangers can persuade you to live a life that you don’t want to either just so you can fit inside the “normal” category.

I’ve always been one to study human behaviour and to think of reasons why someone would want to be the navigator in your life instead of letting you do it! We are all born individually, with our own identities, traits, wants, needs, talents and ambitions. We are capable of doing anything that we put our minds to… so why would someone who is entirely different from our individual self want to navigate us? These are my theories:

  1. They want to live through you- they want you to live the life that they may have wanted but never took that route. So they want their visions to be played through by you. Completely unfair… everyone has their own choices to make in life. If you are unhappy with a career, change it. If you feel like you live a boring life get out into the world and make life happen!

2. Jealousy- They don’t want you to live a better life then them so they may convince you that you are not good enough or that the decisions you are making are stupid. This is just sad when I see this…. you should never hold someone back from living up to their full potential… that’s almost cheating them out of their own life.

3. Keeping you in a plastic bubble- They may feel like they are protecting you so that you do not make some of the same mistakes that they have made in the past….. but what is happening is more harmful than good. We learn and thrive from our mistakes. If we never made mistakes we would never learn essential tools to get through life with our own problem solving skills.

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Now on the other hand there are times that we cause this issue for ourselves. We may be programmed to not think for our own self, to not follow what we want in life but instead follow what everyone else is doing just because it seems normal. How many people do you see absolutely miserable in their jobs or lives? Did they choose them? Or did they settle with them?

I have made an oath to myself ever since I got super sick but honestly I was stubborn before I got sick when I would receive suggestions on how to live my life. I will not let someone control my decisions in life as they are my own and if they don’t pan out as I thought they would, then I suffer the consequences, learn from the experience and maybe find something even better! I’m the type of person that believes in “Energy” from the universe.. Why? Because I’ve seen it happen first hand. Every amazing experience that I have had didn’t happen by accident and I did have a choice in the matter. Now if I would have turned down an opportunity just because somebody else said it’s stupid or that it’s not something that they would do, I would have never ever experienced some of the magical opportunities that have been presented to me……… Cheerleading for a CFL team, competing in pageants, jobs, friends, trips and all sorts of memories.

Now I don’t want people to take this the wrong way because listening to others and their experiences are a part of navigating through life. But when you take opinions, take them with a grain of salt but in the end you are the one that should be making your life choices not them.

Do you feel like you have lost who you are? Are you unhappy? If so here are some tips and tricks to find yourself again and live a life that you deserve…. a life that was customized for you… and you only.

1) Find your passion and ignite your inner fire. I am a very creative person so when I do things such a writing in my blog, taking pictures, acting and dancing I come alive! It gives me not only a purpose but one that I love!!!!!! If you aren’t a creative person then you may have a passion for playing sports, if not athletic than watching sports! You can turn almost anything into a passion if it’s what makes you excited to get up in the morning.

2) Have your own life outside of your family, friendships and relationships. It is so important to keep a balance and it’s ok to spend time with other people. It’s what helps you keep your own identity and happiness.

3) Find time for yourself. You don’t need to say yes to everything just because. Give yourself some much needed me time. It gives you time to reflect, visualize and dream.

4) Don’t conform into what society wants you to be. If you want to wear bright yellow do it! If you wanna dress up when everyone else is dressing down Own it! If you wanna own your own business instead of work under someone go get it!!! Not have kids? You aren’t forced to. Adopt? You’re giving another life a chance. There are so many reasons for you to be individually you!!!!!!!

5) It’s never to late to start over. Tomorrow is always a new day to make changes. Yeah it may take some work or research or just getting you out of your boring pattern of a life to get going. But I promise it will be worth it.

6) Ignore the “naysayers” and surround yourself with people that support you with your decision to be happy.

I’m so grateful for everything that has happened in my life because something good has always come from them. Don’t let anyone try and tell you to be somebody that you aren’t just so you fall to their comfort level. You were born to shine!!! So shine baby shine🤗

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Fanola No Yellow Shampoo



What No One Tells You When Starting Medication

Starting medication means that the the medical field has found out what the problem is with your health and you are ready to begin some form of treatment! In my case going 7 years un diagnosed this should be something that I would be extremely ecstatic about. It would mean that my quality of life would improve dramatically….. The sad part is that I am absolutely horrified when it’s time to start a new medication and this is why…..

3 years ago now when I was probably at my lowest low with health problems. I was basically non functional. We stumbled across a Dr that we were extremely excited about because she seemed to have an answer for all of my health problems and had my treatment all ready to go! I was at the time diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and was to take Thyroid pills to bring my body back to health. I was extremely excited to take them as I’ve been waiting so long to feel normal again….. so there I went starting these meds with no hesitations. I started at a very low dose and a couple weeks in my body went absolute bonkers!!!! My physical symptoms got worse to the point I could not get off the couch without passing out and my mental health deteriorated at a rapid pace and I couldn’t leave the house. Every single thing set off a panic attack and I was sent to emergency at least twice a week. I was on these meds for a little over a month and a half when I woke up one day thinking that was it… I didn’t think I was going to make it, I was screaming and crying to my mom telling her my goodbyes because it literally felt like my body was shutting down. We went to the E.R and the doctors were absolutely puzzled why I was put on these Thyroid meds as my numbers were better than perfect. That’s when I decided that i needed to stop this medication instantly and that I was misdiagnosed…..

Fast forward 3 years when I am presented with treatment once again this time for Narcolepsy…… I’m sure more people like me have medication anxiety especially after a bad experience and I feel that there is more that people should know when starting medication that no one really talks about.

1) Medications work differently for each individual person- This obviously makes sense as our bodies are all completely different. We metabolize differently, we are different sizes, some of us have allergies etc etc etc. Some medications will work for some and some won’t work at all for certain people.

2) Your body may just need a higher dosage not a completely different medication- Always discuss with your doctor in detail any side effects that you are getting or if you are benefiting at all to your dosage. It may be a waiting game and bumping up your dose slowly to find your sweet spot that will give you the help that your body needs.

3) You shouldn’t feel ashamed for needing to take medication- I will be honest this is something that I have struggled with and still catch myself doing to this day!!!!! You shouldn’t feel any less complete for the simple fact that your body needs some help to feel the best that you can. I have never been a pill popper and struggled to even take Tylenol. The thing is I did the healthy natural root. Went to acupuncture every week, paid for a naturopath as well as a functional medicine dr, went to a chiropractor, changed to a super clean diet for 3 years, didn’t drink a sip of alcohol for 4 years and went to bed extremely early. Guess what??! I still felt like absolute crap… I’m not saying that none of those don’t work. They just didn’t work for my specific problem and I needed medical help.

4) You may feel worse before feeling better- I wish Drs emphasized this a little bit more. I had to start anxiety medications as a part of one of my treatments a few years ago. Anxiety can go hand in hand with Narcolepsy or other issues with the brain and positive talk won’t exactly get rid of it!!! Something was throwing my body off (7 concussions was probably the issue) and I needed medication for it. Starting this medication was horrific not only because of past experiences but wow 😳. I already felt like garbage and this escalated it ten fold. I do not want to scare anyone from taking their medication because after a month and a half it helped So So So much!!!!!!!! I just want people to know that some don’t work so quickly and this one took some patience and suffering before it started helping.

5) Some medications may drain essential vitamins out of your body faster than normal- Do some research on your medications and what essential vitamins they may be depleting from your body. You may need to pick up some supplements to keep your levels normal.

6) You may experience side effects or you may not- This is why you can’t go off of someone else’s experience alone…. Some people are more sensitive to medications, some are allergic and some have absolutely no problem with taking medications and have no side effects at all! This is your own personal experience just stay in contact with your Dr about any weird symptoms.

7) You may want to keep a journal- One thing I found extremely helpful when starting a new medication was doing a weekly symptom journal. One that rated my side effects from 1-10 each week to see if they were easing up at all and one would rate my previous health symptoms and if they were going away or not. It felt so assuring when I started lowering the numbers on my side effect list and even more amazing when my horrible symptoms started disappearing and the fact that I started to feel better.

8) Always let someone you know that you are starting a new medication- They can kind of keep an eye on you and bring to your attention if something seems off or if they need to get you some help.

9) More people need to take medication for their health problems than you think! It’s okay to talk about it. I don’t think we should be scared to tell others about our treatment. No one is built perfect and we all have our own issues. It’s no ones fault that they need medical help to function properly. Everyone deserves feeling the best that they possibly can, so never feel ashamed. And sharing is caring, you may help someone else feel better knowing that they aren’t alone in this.

10) Medication shouldn’t be your only form of treatment- you shouldn’t solely rely on medication alone to improve your health. When you combine medication and healthy lifestyle it will improve your wellbeing that much more to the point where some people can even ween off of their medications (depending on the health issues of course), some people will always need medication regardless of having a healthy lifestyle.

I hope this helps anyone else going through any kind of health problems or treatment plans! You are not alone ❤️



To the woman who made me and who also saved me…..

A mother has a tough job right from the beginning, they spend hours in agonizing labour or are sent through major surgery to bring us into this world. They give up on sleep, alone time, nights out and lots of times their sanity. Mothers wear so many hats within the household… They are a nurse, a councillor, referee, teacher, chef, caretaker and the glue that holds the household together.

My mom has been a stay at home mom for my whole life. She’s been on every field trip, every audition, every gymnastics competition, literally any special event in my life she has not only showed up, but has been my biggest cheerleader and support system, celebrating my highs and getting me through my lows. This woman that I am so proud to call mom seems to amaze me every day with her selflessness and the fact that she would do absolutely anything for her kids. I am so thankful for the amazing childhood that she gave me, always encouraging me but never forcing me do anything that I didn’t want to do.

Six or seven years ago was when life completely changed for the both of us. When you reach your 20’s usually it’s time for your mom to catch a break…. You’ve spread your wings, learnt to fly and depend less on your mother. That’s not the case for us. My early 20’s is when my health issues had begun. My body started doing crazy things, wasn’t able to do the things that I used to and was highly dependable on my mom. She has drove me to every single dr appointment (there’s been hundreds), sat through every emergency visit (sometimes 4 times a month, for years), slept with me every single night for a whole year because I wasn’t sure if I would wake up again. There was a point I was so weak that she would have to bathe me, brush my hair and help me with simple tasks such as walking down the hall. She literally gave up her own life for years to help me get through mine. My mom had to give up on events, activities, miss trips and basically had no time for herself because she was busy keeping me going. When I was given a super strict diet she took it upon herself to cook extremely healthy but also tried every way to make it taste delicious.

It breaks my heart to know how much of a burden that I put on her and probably her own health. Her life literally consisted of cooking specialized meals for me, driving me to dr appointments, specialist appointments, chiro, acupuncture, naturopath appointments and anywhere else I needed to go. She cleaned up after me because I couldn’t, tried anything to put a smile on my face, wiped away my tears daily and gave me the hope that I needed to keep going……..

Things got extremely scary at times but she was my rock that held it together when I couldn’t. One horrible morning I remember waking up literally feeling like death, I thought that it could be one of my last days on this beautiful planet (not exaggerating one bit). I went into my moms bedroom and literally broke down. “Mom I’m dying, I can’t do this anymore and I’m so scared”. She broke down crying in fear and held me as my dad got the car ready to head to emerg. That is seriously one of the most horrible and scary moments that I’m sure we have both been through in our lives. The thing is her arms were the one thing that gave me the courage, strength and peace to make it through another day. We’ve grown so close… some may say un separable through this whole journey. If it wasn’t for my mom I wouldn’t have made it through those scary years, and I don’t know if I would have wanted to. That one person who refused to give up on me, who always believed me, and has been my best friend through it all.

Mom, thank you for absolutely everything that you have done for me. I wish that I could give you back all that you have missed because of me. Give you back the years that you’ve spent cooped up on the couch beside me, all of the sleepless nights checking my pulse and holding my hand. Thank you for giving me hope and the strength to carry on. I love you more than anything and hope you know how incredible of a human being you are and that I couldn’t be more proud to be your daughter and your best friend. Thank you for being with me through it all. Mom you saved me ❤️ I’m happy we get to live the rest of this thing we call life with the bond that we have. I love you so freaking much ❤️

Happy Mothers Day

Love crystal

31 And Thankful

It’s crazy to think that another year has gone by and the numerical digits to my age change once again!!!!! At this point in my life more than ever I realize that those digits in your age don’t matter at all! At age 31 I’ve experienced so many wonderful and terrifying moments. All that have shaped who I am and how I view life from now on…..

The thing about age is that there always seems to be a certain time line to follow…..I’m starting to realize that it’s ok to venture outside of the “timeline”.If you feel like taking university in your 60’s then do it!!! Starting a new job in your 40’s, getting married in your 30’s, starting a new passion at any age!!!!! Just make sure that you are 100% HAPPY! Life doesn’t always go as planned…. And you know what that’s ok…. Redirect your route, google maps does so why can’t you? The universe always brings you things that you need… not necessarily what you want or the order that you want it in. Don’t get frustrated when it happens…. realize that life has so much to offer and you have the choice and ability to make life happen.

I’ve had lots of time to think in my 20’s…. And not the usual things that people would think about in their 20’s such as planning their wedding or working their way up in their career or where to buy a house… etc etc. A lot of it consisted of how do I make it to the next day feeling like this? Are they ever going to figure out what is wrong with me? Will I be able to ever work again? How do I make it up to the people that have been taking care of me and taking time out of their precious lives? I often pictured how I wanted my life to look if I got better….. The people that I wanted in it, the drama that I didn’t. How I wanted to occupy my time. The importance of family, self love, laughter, nature and just plain slowing down, smelling that fresh beautiful air and feeling alive.

Life goes by fast and I think that’s because we get stuck in such regular routines without breaking any boundaries! Do you really want to live the exact same day over and over or do you want to experience it all.. learn it all, meet as many people as you can, visit as many places as your bank account allows you, attain numerous hobbies; one that sparks your creativity, one to make you happy and one to keep you fit;)

I really don’t have too many regrets in my life because a lot of these challenges or mistakes have pointed me towards a better direction and a more satisfying life. I’ve always been one to try new things or challenge myself to do something new. This year was almost like a new chance at life…. I wasn’t confined to my bed because of feeling deathly ill…. yes I have needed a lot of naps during the day and feel like I have waisted so much precious time sleeping…… but for the first time in seven years at age 30 I was okay with where I was at… why? Because I knew that I was going to be okay, and that I am happy.

(Romper from Zaful)

My plans for 31? To not put set plans in place. To know that things always change and to roll with it! I’ve realized that I am more creative than ever! It’s probably because I’ve had the time to pursue some of these opportunities or projects that I maybe wouldn’t have if I didn’t get sick. I found that putting a lot of time into expressing my creative side is what feeds my life fire. Starting a blog has been the best thing ever and I highly suggest it if you have a creative side or want to explore it. Restoring furniture has become a hobby that literally came out of no where and I’m so happy to have started… and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon. Interior decorating whether it’s a bathroom, bedroom or a camper! Being a movie extra! Every time you get to be someone completely different then the last time and spending time with positive, great quality people makes it addicting….. ok the dessert table is always pretty awesome too. And my latest interest becoming an influencer on Instagram/ Facebook and through blogging… I have the opportunity to play with fashion and beauty products etc, while helping others purchase the right products and save them time and money. It allows you to explore photography, take proper creative pictures and essentially brand yourself! All those things I plan to continue doing but maybe taking them to the next step? Maybe take a wood working course to actually make furniture instead of just restoring it! Try auditioning for a part, even if it’s just for the experience and putting more time and creativity into my blogging/ influencer posts. If I’m able to work this year I would love a job that lets me express my creativity, one that I am excited to wake up for and kill it. I’m going to continue working on my fitness because it feels amazing to get those endorphins going and that’s what life is all about.

(Bathing suit from Zaful)

When I blow out the candles on May 7th 2018 instead of making a wish I am going to count my blessings, be grateful and hope for a whole lot of the same amazing experiences that I have had this past year. I hope this post makes you stop and think… Are you just going through the process of life? Or are you living it up to its full potential. Everyone deserves happiness but it’s gotta come from you ❤️ Make every year of your life a new chapter, not just change in numerical digits to your age.